Camera-Ready Guidelines

Submissions / Camera-Ready Guidelines

Camera-Ready (Final) Version

To make your submission suitable for inclusion in the Annual Meeting’s proceedings, you MUST submit a camera-ready version, which means that you use the provided ISLS Submission Template and follow the Submission Tips and Author Guidelines. These include (but are not limited to):

  • De-anonymize your submission. Remember to fix all the references!
  • Add and make sure all author names and affiliations are correct.
  • Titles should be title case–capitalize all major words (e.g., nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns).
  • All headings are sentence case—only the first letter of a heading is capitalized.
  • Address the comments offered by the reviewers and meta-reviewers. Addressing the reviewers’ comments (especially the meta-reviewers’ final recommendations) *is not optional* but an integral part of preparing the camera-ready paper. Some meta-reviewers might have been very explicit that they expect specific changes to be made.
  • Stay within the page limit for the accepted format. Papers with incorrect page counts will be automatically excluded from the proceedings.
  • Remove any elements not appearing on the template (e.g., page numbers, headers, footers).
  • Respect the template format (e.g., do not change margins to include more text). Please pay particular attention to directions around author format, headings structure, and images. Keep the size of the images reasonable.
  • Proofread your document carefully. Proceedings editors will NOT catch typos, poor writing, or missing references. Your submission will be published and archived even if it contains those errors, and no corrections will be possible.
  • ISLS Annual Meeting is an international event. If you need to refer to locations, mention the country, not only states or cities. As much as possible, use units belonging to the International System and express dates keeping in mind that most countries use DD/MM/YYYY.

Upload Instructions

The camera-ready final version is due on March 31, 2023, 23:59 US Pacific Time (PST). Ensure that the type and page count of your camera-ready version is consistent with the accepted format and ISLS proceedings template.

Please provide a signed version of the copyright transfer agreement together with your camera-ready paper.

  1. Save your camera ready as a Microsoft Word DOCX file.
  2. Navigate to the submission system at:
  3. Access your Author account. Look for the “Final Version” column, and click on “Access.” Then, in the top right corner, click on “Upload New Version” and upload the camera-ready version.
  4. Upload a zip file including both the DOCX file and the copyright transfer agreement.

If you wish to know more about the transfer of copyrights and permissions to publish the article in a repository, please check the ISLS Publications FAQ page.